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    Tigersharks in Cocos Island

    Video 5:38 min It was one of those moments. Suddenly a group of tigersharks showed up at Manuelita island. Diveguide Javi Garai had his camera with him and he took this memorable moment on tape. Se...

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    Night snorkling with silky sharks - Socorro (Mexico)

    Video 03:48 During our fantastic trip on the Nautilus Explorer to Los Revillagigedos; in 2006 Captain Mike had a little surprise for us: night snorkling with silky sharks. Unfortunately, their co...

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    video 20:49 min 3. Preis in der Kategorie bis 20 Minuten SEESTERN 2009 alle Infos zum Unterwasser-Videofilmpreis SEESTERN auf dieser Seite des BDFA: Director / Autho...

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    Tetamanu Village Fakarava

    Diving at the south pass of the atoll of Fakarava.

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    Diving Sudan - the deep South

    Video 18:43 min footage available at: Filmed in May 2010 on location in southern Sudan Sony HDR-HC7 Top Dawg II Videohousing Hartenberger Lighting System Vegas Pro 8 Music by...

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    The wall. That is how we call the aggregation of grey reef sharks at the entrance of the pass of tiputea in Rangiroa, French Polynesia. We never have counted them, but they are definetively more th...

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    Shab Rumi South, Sudan

    One of the most pristine divesites in the whole Red Sea, Shab Rumi´s southern plateau.

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    Protea Banks

    video 11 min Diving Protea Banks, wow, what an amazing event. The reef is a world renowned shark-diving reef of the East Coast of South Africa. Starting at 24 meters depth, it stretches six kilomet...

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    Cleaning Malpelo

    video 07:35 min Malpelo island, remote marine park of Colombia. Meeting point of big pelagic animals. One reason: they want to be cleaned. All kinds of sharks, jacks etc. - they all want to be cle...

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    Video, german language. Deutsche Sprachfassung. Teilnehmerfilm beim SEESTERN 2011/2012

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    Bahamas Tiger Sharks

    Video 15:57 min Bahamas April 2009 (Shear Water with Jim Abernethy): Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Bull Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks

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    Mystischer Sport

    SEESTERN-Teilnehmerfilm in der Kategorie bis 2 Minuten

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    DonQuesto - The Sudan Liveaboard

    video 12:11 min official promotional  video of the DonQuesto. Camera: Marcel Steuermann, Daniela Bini, Francesco Bini Underwater footage by Marcel Steuermann Music by Kevin MacLeo...

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    videoblog X

    ...this is part 1 of the new videoblog, ...on the road again, ...another continent, another country ....

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    "Blue Life" is our last documentary filmed and edited in 2011. I've also edited a short version of it, this video has got the First Prize Pro Short-Films at the famous and prestigious International...

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    video: Rangiroa

    video: Award winning 6 minutes underwater video, showing the fascinating underwater world of Rangiroa. "Seestern 2005" in silver and special prices for musik and editing more info at: www...

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    shark attack? ... silvertip shark strikes back!

    Video 00:37 min A teased silvertip shark strikes back and steals the diving mask of the shark feeder. For more info, please

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    video: Sharkschool with Erich Ritter Ph.D.

    video 04:31 min What is a sharkschool? Have a look,  Erich Ritter explains what sharkschool is about.

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    Diving Tahiti

    Diving with FLUID diving center in Tahiti, ...exploration dives, instructions and more. More means rebreather and mixed gas diving, shark diving with lemon sharks, grey reef sharks and the mighty t...

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    Diving Yap Island, Micronesia

    Video 09:25 min Yap Island / Micronesia is known for its population of Manta Rays ( Manta birostris). but the Island has much more to offer. Close encounters with grey reef sharks, cuttlefish, mor...

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    Diving in Malpelo, June 2007

    Diving in Malpelo during a Cruise in INULA: Morays, Silky Sharks during Bait Ball, Eagle Ray, Red-Lipped Bat Fish and Marcel Steuermann are starring!

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    Best of Cocos diving

    Video 28:34 min Since five years now, basque diveguide Javi Garai works on the Cocos Island liveaboard Okeanos Aggressor. Being also a videographer, he not only experiences, but also films all thos...

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    Solmar V, Mexico

    Video 10:33 min Promo-Film of the liveaboard Solmar 5, Mexiko,

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    Sharkschool Mai 2013

    Zwei Wochen Sharkschool mit Dr. Erich Ritter auf den Bahamas im Mai 2013. Die erste Woche auf Grand Cay und dann weiter zum Tiger Beach mit der MS Dolphin Dream. Yannick und Mario verabschieden sic...

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    peters rangiroa videoblog 2 it is complete, second videoblog from rangiroa. I hope you enjoy it.cheers,peter

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    SharkSchool Freediving - The Feel

    SharkSchool goes freediving. This is the purest form to encounter sharks in their environment. It is about observing and not watching, respect and not domination. Becoming one and fluid with the e...

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    Shark Nights

    A night dive with lemon sharks, caribbean reefsharks and nurse sharks, at tiger beach, Bahamas during a SharkSchool with Erich Ritter PhD onboard the MS Dolphin Dream, organized by Wiro Dive Divetr...

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    Sharks at Roca Partida (Mexico)

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    Bahamas Diving Overview

    video 03:28 min. This is a work in progress largely shot on the Red but there is some Z1 footage mixed in the areas I haven't gotten to yet.

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    "A Guitar Hero" (from our documentary "The Blue Adventure...

    A video episode taken from our documentary "The Blue Adventure"...a peaceful Guitar Shark (Bowmouth Guitarfish - Rhina Ancylostoma) suddenly surrounded by hundreds of Giant Travellies (Caranx Ignob...

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    Peters videoblog 2, ...or byby rangiroa

    Climate change ......

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    Slow Tiger

    A tiger shark in slow motion  at tiger beach, bahamas, ...240fps shot with the Sony NEX-FS700 in the brand new Amphibico housing. many thanks to Kristin in Delray Beach who accepted all my new toys...

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    video: Oceans Emotions

    video: ocean's emotions is the draft of a series of short films dedicated to the life in our oceans. A underwater poem, ..let it flush over you and relax. New version with spoken lyrics by marcel s...

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    video: silvertip shark (tap_clo003hd)

    stock video footage: silvertip shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus) - close - passing camera. hdv 1080i pal. more details about our footage, prices and conditions at: 

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    rachel and sharks

    photo by eric leborgne, raie manta club rangiroa

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    video: grey reefshark (grey_feed005hd)

    videoarchiv - schnittmaterial- grauer riffhai (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) sucht futter am riff. hdv 1080i pal mehr videos und schnittmaterial bei:

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    video: silvertip shark approaches (tap_com053hd)

    video stock footage: sharks, silvertip sharks approach camera, Carcharhinus albimarginatus, rangiroa, french polynesia. hdv 1080i pal more footage and information at:

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    video:The Sharks of Rangiroa, ...from Legend to Reality

    video: Trailer der mehrfach ausgezeichneten 52 minuetigen Dokumentation zum Thema "Sharks Finning" in Franzoesisch Polynesien. Trailer of the 52 minutes awarded documentary on shark finni...

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    "SharkSchool Freediving" with Erich Ritter PhD. and Freediving...

    Freediving is the purest form of diving and encounter sharks while freediving is the ultimate shark experience. So what are you waiting for ...a life changing experience in a double pack. ...

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    Chasse, the hunt, die jagd

    Another film from Rangiroa in french Polynesia., and anothe episode of the blue stories by

  • Waveform April 2010

    Here is the April issue of Kelvin Murrays WAVEFORM magazine. Keep informed and enjoy!

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    divers teasing sharks

    video stock footage: interaction between divers and sharks.Good example how the "role model" behavior of a diving instructor is copied by members of his group.

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    Suspense, Spannung erleben wir ja eigentlich auf jedem Tauchgang. Aber manchmal wird dem Besonderen noch die krone aufgesetzt. Noch eine Episode aus der Serie "Blue Stories" aus Rangiroa ...

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    Lunchtime from the series "the blue stories" is about swim-in restaurants at the reef of Tiputa, in rangiroa, French

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    video: grey reefsharks (grey_clo003hd)

    video stock footage of a pack of grey reef sharks (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) in blue water - medium close -HDV 1080i PAL. more hd video footage at:

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